Thursday, 23 June 2011

book review. . .

last night i finished reading the hiding place.
on the 1-5 scale i would honestly have to say that this book deserves a 5.

it was great!
it's the true story of a woman living in holland during world war II.
she and her family risk their lives to take jews into their
home and protect them during the war.
she and her family are eventually thrown into
prison for saving the lives of many jews.
i don't want to give away anything just in case you
ever plan on reading it, but the faith and courage this woman shows
is truly amazing to read about.
the authors who wrote the book did a fantastic job of re-telling
this woman's story, and i gained a better understanding of what life
was like during the war.
if i had to describe the book using one word it would be: suspenseful.
the majority of the book leaves you wondering if
the jews will be discovered in the house, if this woman's family
will be captured by the gestapo, and once captured what will
become of them as they have to endure the horrors of prison
and german concentration camps.
i love historical fiction, so this book was a fascinating read.
details about how jews were treated and the devastation of concentration
camps was saddening, but overall the message of
courage, faith & hope that this woman had leaves you with a
triumphant feeling that faith in God will overcome any hardship.
if you are on the market for a new book-read this one!
you won't be able to put it down, and it is an incredible story.


  1. This story line sounds so much like the book I'm reading right now - The Book Thief (sorry if I already commented about this book on your blog, I have no memory anymore...). So if you liked The Hiding Place I recommend The Book Thief! And I'll check out The Hiding Place!

  2. you DID tell me about The Book Thief and I have been trying to read it! apparently everyone wants to read it because every time I go to the library all the copies are checked out! I need to get my name on that waiting list ASAP :)