Thursday, 16 June 2011

home updates. . .

logan & i have been living in our new little house
for about 2 months now!
we have loved settling into our new space and i have
loved organizing things and setting up house.
i wrote a post with some pictures of our new place shortly
after we moved in, but ther
e have been some
recent updates that i wanted
to share!

first is the living room:

we got this new TV stand/shelf u
nit at ikea the other day.
also got the rug by the door at bed bath.
loves it.

our dining room is pretty much the same.
i switched up the center piece with this pretty vase & flowers.
also the newest addition to the dining room is the swamp cooler
that our landlord helped install the other day.
i will admit that i dislike the fact that it sticks out
of the window and looks like a huge random box
(that's what a swamp cooler pretty much is)
but i will admit that the house has been A LOT cooler since we installed it.
we pretty much have to turn it off while we eat dinner or else
we will be blown away by it- even on "low cool" it feels like there is
a tornado in the house.

the bathroom wasn't pictured in the last post about the house- so here it is
in all its glory.

still working on the office.
i am happy to have this little dresser set up though.

we took out the black metal rack thing from the office that we
were using to put random books on, etc.
logan had the idea to use it as a shoe rack for my closet!

there are still a few things that i would love to complete
this summer for the house:

1) recover the couch in the office
2) make a little fabric covering for the rolling rack that holds
our crock pot, waffle maker, rice cooker, etc.
3) get a new set of blinds for the kitchen- the ones in there now are nasty
and can literally not be cleaned
4) plant more flowers outside in the garden

i have thought long and hard about the fact that we will most
likely only be in this house for about 2 years-maybe a little less.
sometimes i think that it's not worth it to buy things to make the house
feel like it is ours.
nevertheless, if i had to live in a place that didn't
feel like my own in some way then i would go insane.
we were lucky enough to have most of the furniture included
with the house when we moved in!
our only purchases have been the ikea TV stand, coffee table and
the baker's rack for the kitchen.
our table and chairs, couch, love seat, book case, and dresser in the bedroom
were all here.
the desk and dresser in our office are on loan from my bedroom
in salt lake:)

i will admit that i have exercised restraint in purchasing home items.
my pinterest isn't making things any easier.
i have often thought long and hard about if i would rather have
unlimited money for clothes or home decor.
lately i have been leaning toward home decor.
with pictures like this, how could you not want unlimited money to decorate?

so until we get our first house and i can make it look
like the pictures you see above, we will enjoy living in our tiny
little space and loving the things we collect that make this house our home.


  1. hello alien. your pad is super duper cute. i miss you.

  2. aw, your place looks great! can't wait to see it in person in just a few short months!

  3. thanks! i'm excited for you guys to see it too! see you next month:) hope you're feeling better!