Sunday, 12 June 2011

best dinner ever. . .

this past week we have quickly learned that if you write a
poor review for a restaurant- you get results!
on friday we went to dinn
er with our friends max & lisa.
they had gone to magleby's for a valentine's date back in february
and basica
lly had a horrible experience.
they were at a table 2 inches aw
ay from another couple, the
food wasn't that great, and they were pretty
upset they p
aid $60 for their experience there.
max decided to use the pow
er of facebook and wrote a
scathing review
of the restaurant about a month after
their terrible experience there.
within a couple of days, the manager contacted max
and told him he was sorry about his experience and invited him & his wife
to come back with
another couple for a FREE dinner.
logan & i are very glad to be friends wit
h max & lisa because
they picked us to accompany t
hem to the free dinner!

we haven't been to a nice place like m
agleby's in a while, so this was a treat!
let me tell you- the evening was hilarious.
as soon as we got there the s
ervers knew exactly who we were, and
they knew that our experi
ence had to be top notch.
they escorted us to the best table on the back deck of the restaurant
that overlooked a little waterfall and a pond.
we all ordered some yummy lemonades, & decided we would
all try the new salad bar t
hat has everything from pasta salad to prime rib.
you could go back to the salad bar as many times as you wanted, so
logan was
pretty excited about that.
the fact that the salad bar was one of the m
ost expensive items on the
menu may or may not have had something to do with the fact that we a
ll ordered it. . .
but it was a FREE meal!
had to make it worth it, right?
so after our first round to the sala
d bar, the waitress comes back & tells us
they have some grilled gree
n beans that were just prepared,
she offered to bring us some.
we told her that would be great, and within 2 minutes she not only
returned with green beans, but with two huge plates of crab legs!
as she and another waiter were placing the dishes on our table all of us
looked at each other w
ith expressions that screamed
"did you order this??"
the fact was that none of us had ordered the crab legs.
it was all magleb
y's attempt to guarantee us a fabulous experience!
however, as the crab was placed next to me i immediately began to feel my stomach churn.

i hate seafood.
the smell and the texture and everything about it drives me insane.
i quickly told logan to move it away from me.
he begged me to try a piece, and after much convincing and lots of
lemon and butter i decided to try a tiny bite.
this was a huge deal for me considering the fact that
just the smell of anything from the sea makes me nauseated.
i am happy to report that i did indeed try a piece, and it wasn't that bad!
crab is amusing to me, because i feel like you have to work really hard
cracking and ripping stuff apart just to get a tiny piece of meat at the end.

anyways. . .
we laughed as soon as the waiters left the table and joked about
how we could get pretty much anything we wanted.
a few minutes later, after the boys had gone to town on the crab, the
waitress returned and asked us if we wanted any hot towels.
we all got silent and looked at each other once again in bewilderment.
i had never had a hot towel offered to me at a restaurant.
we all declined and she went on her way.

after a few trips to the salad bar, we hit up the dessert bar, which included everything:
magleby's famous chocolate cake, carrot cake, chocolate
dipped strawberries & oreos, german chocolate cake, cookies, etc.
we had our heaping plates of chocolaty goodness and a moment later
the waitress came to our table yet again, asking if anyone would
like ice cream for their dessert that was kept in the back.
we looked at each other again and this time max conceded to the offering.

near the end of our meal, the manager came out to talk to us.
he was very nice and told max he appreciated him writing the review, etc.
the waitress came out again and proceeded to hand each of us a hot towel as we
talked with the manager.
we quickly wiped our hands with them and put them back on the table.
after the manager left we commented on how awkward it was getting handed
the hot towels in the middle of our conversation with the manager.
bless that little waitresses heart.
she was probably informed that she was going to be stuck waiting on the
table with the guy who wrote the bad review and that she needed
to make %100 sure we had a good experience.
well, she pulled out all the stops for us!
it was hilarious being waited on so diligently, and logan & i were
glad we were invited to come along.
logan & i joked about writing some bad reviews for restaurants to
see if we could get some free meals out of it.
we would never do it intentionally, but word to the wise-
if you do happen to have a bad experience at a restaurant- let them know!
you could get a 5 star meal out of it complete with crab legs and hot towels.


  1. Hey, I have written a few letters/John and I together actually and have probably got at least 150.00 in free meals. We had some pretty BAD service when we lived in Oklahoma and I really thought the managers would like to know, the only bad thing was the same waiter was right next to us when we went to redeem one of the free meals at CheeseCake Factory. Then, who could forget our waiter at the Olive Garden who told me only two weeks after I had Alli that I shouldn't eat the alfredo sauce, it would be to fattening for me. Ha, I have a lot of restaurant stories. Glad you had fun!

  2. Sea food. Barf! Haha. But what a neat and fun experience! That poor waitress was probably so stressed!